Thursday, May 20, 2010

History (Jamaican Flag)

The Jamaican flag was adopted on
August 6,1962 A.D.
The colors of the Jamaican flag stands
for yellow-sunshine and natural resources,
black-the burdens borne by the people,
and green-agriculture and hope for the
future.The Jamaican's coat of arms' motto
 is "out of many,one people".


    Jamaican Foods/Drinks

 There are different types of Jamaican foods and drinks
 here are some pictures.

 Here is a Jamaican
grapefruit juice called "Ting".

  Jamaicans favor in their food.They take time and quality
  into their foods and drinks,especialy desserts.

Here are Jamaican desserts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


        Jamaican Religion


     An Ethiopian prince named "Prince Tafari" discovered the ancient religion
     of "Rastafarianism". "Rastafarians" believed the prince is their messiah.
     "Rastafarianism" depends alot of their information from the
      "King James Bible"."Rastafarians" or "Rastas" for short, see their
       prophets as incarnations of God.Jesus,Moses,Elijah,and Prince Tafari
       are known as "avatars" of God."Rastafarians" smoke a special type of
       drug for a sacrament.

       Jamaican Music


     Reggae is a mix of European and African folk dance music.The very first
      recording studio opened in 1951 A.D. in Jamaica.Reggae became very
     popular in Jamaica,so this led on to some famous Jamaican music stars.
Here is a famous Reggae artist
named "Bush Doctor".

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jamaica's History
1494 A.D.
Christopher Columbus found a small island in Central America which is now Jamaica in the year 1492 A.D.

1692 A.D.
 Destruction of Port Royal,which is a famous port in Jamaica used for trade,living,and docking ships.

                    1664 A.D.
                     First house of assembly in Jamaica.

                    1807 A.D.
                    Abolition of slave trade in Jamaica.






Jamaica's Location
Jamaica is a small island located in the West Indies south of Cuba.
The size of Jamaica is just a little smaller than Connecticut.Jamaica is made up of limestone,some coastal lowlands,a huge limestone plateau,and the Blue mountains which is a group of volacanic hills located in the east of Jamaica.                                                     




Government-Constitutional Monarchy

Adoption Of Coat Of Arms-August6,1962

Flag Adoption-August6,1962